About us

About us

Salon Numizmatyczny Mateusz Wójcicki  has over fifteen years of experience at coin and paper money market. We specialize in Polish  numismatics and World paper money. The relationship with our partners and clients is built on trust. Hece we put great importance to reliable description of items sold at our auctions.

Our first mission are proffesional numismatic auctions that we conduct at least two times per year where we sell rare coins and banknotes. In addition to our main auctions we organize short e-auctions during the week. All our auctions are always advertised at numisbids and allow our customers live bidding via modern auction platform at OneBid. We can proudly announce and underline that we are the only auction house in Lower Silesia that sells rare coins and banknotes.

At our office in Wroclaw we purchase coins ranging from antique to modern times, paper money from all over the world, medals and numismatic literature.  We offer great prices but our priority is to put truely unique items on our main auctions. Moreover we help collectors in creating superb collections where we actively search for missing pieces.  Our appraisal is allways free-of-charge and never oblige the owner to sell the item. We actively participate in all major numismatic fairs in Europe and Poland and we will be more than happy to meet you there!

Last but not least, our auction house is a result of our passion, hence aparat from our core buisness activities, we put a lot of effort in further developing and resarching Polish numismatics, particulary paper money. So far we have been very successful in finding new variations of rare Polish banknotes! All our finding are thouroughly described in our virtuall reading room that we advise you to visit. Moreover we strongly recommend our facebook profile, where we regularly inform about the lastest news and developments in our firm.

ul. Zwiadowców 9
52-207 Wrocław
tel.: 696 875 000
tel.: 71 30 70 111
E-mail: m.wojcicki@snmw.pl